We all DREAM of having money!

Are you wishing that you had all the money in the world? Do you want to be the richest person alive? Well here are 3 easy step in making your sensational dream come to life. Step 1-ASK! Ask for the money. Be explicit on how much money you want. Be it $1000 in two months or $10,000 in six months, or even $100,000 in a year. All you have to do is simply ask. Place your order to the universe. Make the universe understand that you want the money. Step 2-BELIEVE! After placing your order to the universe, believe that you already have it. Don't wish that you have it. Believe you have it. Every day after waking up in the glamorous morning, think to yourself "Ah yes, all the money I have." Feel the excitement of enjoying having money around you. Know that lying in your bank are stacks of money that you require. Keep on believing that the money is yours for the taking. Step 3-RECEIVE! In conclusion, receiving the money. Visualize what you would do with the money. Plan how you would spend it. Go out there and feel the iPod. Experience what it would feel like to own that iPod. Or try on that necklace and see what it feels like to wear it. Observe what it looks like. Then get out there and go wild. These 3 easy steps work 100% and has been proven several times. So, what are your thoughts?

Look at it!

Look at it!
Believe in the green stuff

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Prosperity - (to have good fortune.) We all know we want prosperity, just like we all know we are wanting that chocolate bar. Eventually, we WILL get what we deserve. So don't be afraid to take the first step. Because the boat won't come to you, you have to swim out to the boat. The same thing applies to prosperity. It's just waiting to be found. So do the best you can in life and understand that you WILL get the prosperity that you deserve.

Friday, June 8, 2007


ABUNDANCE - (A great amount of wealth.) You WILL live with large amounts of wealth piling up right before your eyes. You will attract the abundance to you in some way. You are a powerful magnet attracting abundance to your life. You desire abundance, you know that you deserve abundance and you will in time get it in some shape or form. So for all the abundance you desire, start attracting.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Revealing the sixth sense

Money is like a sixth sense. You can't make use of the other five without it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

See the friend in money!

Money is like a best friend. It is easily made but hard to keep.